Business & Property Maintenance

Business & Property Maintenance Services Perth

A commercial property needs to be in peak condition at all times, as existing and prospective clients are constantly walking through your doors. Property maintenance requires time and money, none of which you want to waste. We provide excellent property maintenance services, covering a variety of areas so you don’t have to lift a finger. Our service is affordable and efficient, and we bring several years of experience to any job we undertake.

Our maintenance team is experienced and skilled in all aspects of property upkeep and adheres to a high standard. We aim to leave your property clean and aesthetically appealing to anyone who walks by.

Concrete repairs

Over time, concrete, one of the hardest building materials, takes a certain amount of strain and eventually starts to crack. Instead of replacing an entire wall or floor, we can repair the damage and make your concrete features look as good as new. While the repair process is quick, it takes time for the mortar to settle and dry, which is why it is imperative to repair cracks when they are first spotted to minimise cost and downtime.

Graffiti removal

As an art form, many people appreciate graffiti but as an act of vandalism, it does not rank high in anyone’s good books. The material used for graffiti is made of long-lasting chemicals that make it very difficult to remove. We have the skills and the necessary equipment to remove graffiti correctly, without damaging your walls or signage.


Winter rains can cause tremendous damage to your property. It is essential that your walls and roof are waterproofed because extensive weather abuse can cause irreparable damage. We take time to assess the property structure and use waterproofing techniques in the most applicable manner to ensure permanent results. They say prevention is better than cure, so save money by waterproofing rather than repairing damage.

General Maintenance

CT Building Maintenance provides a comprehensive range of property and building maintenance services.

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