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6 tips to keep your grounds looking neat

Many business owners think that what goes on inside their premises is more important than what goes on outside on the company grounds. They would be right, but a neat appearance is invaluable, and by keeping your grounds tidy and clean, you create an excellent impression for existing clients and potential customers.

Clean, neat and attractive outdoor grounds, not only reflect your company ethos, but they provide a friendly sight to anyone driving past or entering your premises.

Keeping your grounds clean and neat are not just for clients and potential customers, they are also for employees. Walking into a building that is attractive, neat and clean is a nice feeling. That feeling of well-being is then carried on into their everyday work lives, and is often reflected in the work they produce.

Here are some ways to ensure that your business’s outdoor area makes the right statement.


A well-maintained garden is the best way to ensure company well-being and create a memorable first impression for anyone entering the premises.

Green areas ensure a feeling of well-being and energy, especially for industrial properties, which are dominated by machinery, equipment and noise. A well-maintained outdoor area provides an oasis for employees and an attractive first impression for visitors.

Use a garden service to ensure your outdoor areas are regularly maintained, or appoint dedicated staff who will ensure that your grounds are kept neat and tidy at all times.

Other tips for looking after your company garden:

  • Plant flowers – gardens love colour
  • Water regularly – nothing says ‘dead business’ like a dead garden
  • Plant trees and prune existing trees to ensure good growth
  • Remove weeds
  • Add art or water features


Rubbish is found everywhere. We live in a disposable society where everything that is not useful is thrown away. That rubbish fills dustbins and landfills but also pollutes our public spaces. Lots of rubbish can accumulate very quickly, so ensure that you have plenty of clean dustbins evenly spaced out throughout your premises and make sure your grounds are regularly cleared of all litter. There should be ample bins which are cleaned on an ongoing basis, and should never be allowed to overflow.


Your businesses walls are the most visible part of your company and a potentially excellent opportunity to market your business. This includes the idea of a big clear sign stating exactly what your company does, spreading your company brand and serving as an ideal advertisement that runs 24/7, 365 days a year.

You also need to ensure that all outside walls are painted regularly and are cleared of any graffiti or unsightly markings, a critical, yet relatively inexpensive job.

Add colour

Your company premises, especially if in a large building can receive a lot of attention from pedestrians and drivers. So, in addition to your logo, why not add some colour to your building making sure it is attractive and tastefully eye-catching at the same time.

Practical maintenance

Making sure your grounds are attractive is one thing, but often it’s the more practical aspects that will ensure your ground always look neat and clean.

This pertains to your gutters and drains. By conducting regular maintenance on all your gutters, drains, roofing and windows, you will be able to catch any problems before they worsen, and will ensure no emergencies occur due to overflowing gutters or drains


Secure your premises properly. This will help prevent vandalism and unwanted litter on your property. By installing an attractive gate and perimeter fence or wall, will add to the look and feel of your company premises.

If you require more advice or assistance in keeping your business premises neat and attractive, contact Perth’s local building maintenance specialists.

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