We provide all our Perth clients with an after-hours maintenance service (for emergencies only) through calling 1300 501 010. This after-hours (4:00pm-8:00am Monday to Friday, all day Saturday and all day Sunday) service is only for local companies experiencing a maintenance emergency.

Please note, examples of emergency or urgent repairs include, but are not limited to;

  • A Gas Leak
  • A Burst Water Pipe Or Damaged Water Fitting Or Fixture That Causes A Large Amount Of Water To Be Wasted
  • Electricity, Gas Or Water Supply Loss / Fault
  • Property Not Being Secure (Risk Of Break-In)
  • Serious Storm, Fire Or Flooding Damage
  • Faulty Smoke Alarm’s
  • A Broken Or Blocked Toilet (If Only One Toilet In Property)
  • Break Ins And Urgent Damage Repair
  • Any Other Serious Fault Or Issue That Causes The Property To Not Be Safe Or Secure

No job too big or small, we can help you with it all!?