CT Building Maintenance provides a comprehensive range of property and building maintenance services. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals our company is committed to providing excellent service and ensuring our client’s homes, offices and buildings are clean, safe, functional and attractive at all times.

A locally-owned business, CT Building Maintenance delivers a full range of bespoke handyman services and repairs to suit your requirements.

Using the finest materials sourced from reputable suppliers, we provide notable maintenance services that ensure your property remains in peak condition and is protected from the harsh outdoor elements that we often experience in Australia.

Waterproofing is essential to protect the structural integrity of your property. Once water has permeated the structure, it’s only a matter of time before the walls and materials start to deteriorate from moisture build up. The waterproofing membrane is an absolute in construction as it forms the most fundamental part of protecting the outer skin of your building.

We offer a host of coatings and membranes, such as bitumen, rubber sealant, insulation, waterproof paper and fabric, amongst others. Regardless of the coating technique required, we ensure that your home/business property are damp proof and free from water permeation.

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