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5 Tips to Prepare your Property for Winter

You can feel the winter chill start to creep in and make its way under the doors and into your property. This is now the time to prepare your home or business for the coming cooler months. Avoid additional heating bills and phantom draughts that seem to blow in from nowhere.


Clean all your gutters of debris. You want to ensure that the winter rains can easily run down and out of the gutters. Blockages will cause a water build up, which can cause damp and leaks in the roof. Fixing the damp during winter is a lost cause, so rather avoid it by cleaning the gutters and checking the roof tiles for any leaks.

Insulation & waterproofing

blogimage2Stock up on jerseys for the whole family and then ensure that the insulation and waterproofing is fully in place and is not damaged. You can insulate your geyser to ensure your hot water lasts longer. Call in the professionals to check your roof insulation and waterproofing membrane to ensure there are no holes through which damp will permeate. Heat is
lost through the roof so decent insulation will save you money on your energy bills. A small tear in the waterproofing membrane is enough for damp to set into your roof. Check it now before winter takes hold.


Check that your pipes are set for that winter chill and are dressed for the occasion. The continual expansion and contraction of water pipes can easily cause them to burst or leak. Insulate them with the right foam and you’ll be assured of their more efficient performance, your decreased energy bills and no leaking or burst pipes.


A big cause of colds and flu during winter, draughts are cheeky and will find their way through every opening, no matter how small, and go straight into your home or office. The best way to avoid these is to use masking tape on the window gaps and draught-stoppers at the bottom of your doors. Check your roof and basement to make sure that all insulation is in place. This includes putting draught strips on the windows and keeping them closed to stop any heat escaping.

Trim the trees

blogimage1During winter you want the sun to warm the interior of your space. That won’t happen if you have trees covering the windows and keeping your office or home in the dark. Overgrown trees also block gutters and stormwater drains with debris.

There are a few other things you can do to make your winter more pleasant and these include: checking your geyser for leaks, stocking up on hot chocolate, buying more blankets and ensuring that your heaters are up to the job of keeping your residential and commercial spaces toasty inside.

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