Graffiti is a common scourge of any city neighborhood. While some graffiti can be expressive and even artistic, much of it is plain vandalism and can lead to further degradation of a specific area if left unchecked. In fact, studies show that the quicker you remove unsightly graffiti from a location, the less likely it is to reoccur.

CT Building Maintenance provides an express graffiti removal service to Perth and WA residents. Over the last few decades, we have developed a reputation for our ability to remove any type of graffiti from any surface and from any location, quickly. Graffiti tagging is viewed as a serious crime in Australia. Cleaners work closely with the Police Special Operations Group to help arrest and prosecute vandals.

We specialize in removing any and all sorts of graffiti, small or large, and have many satisfied clients across the government, educational and private sectors.

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