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Preparing your home for winter

Winter is approaching, which means that many are hustling to prepare their homes for the cold weather by stocking up the pantries with hot chocolate and ingredients for winter recipes. While you’re prepping to keep your household warm and comfortable, it’s also important to keep your actual home in tip-top shape.

A downpour of rain may call for a movie night with all the junk food in the world, however, a leaky roof and pest invasion can ruin your romantic comedy movie marathon. This is why it is important to fix the cracks and clear the gutters before winter arrives. Check out this maintenance checklist that will help you.

Mind the gap

A cold draft seeping in through tiny cracks in the window is uncomfortable, whether in the living room, bedroom or an office. Because of this, you’ll likely crank the heat up to keep warm, increasing the energy use and your utility bill. To help you save and keep cold air out, take a walk around and inspect each window and door and seal the gaps where necessary.

Chimney cleaning

If you have a fireplace, it will get a lot of use during winter, which is why cleaning your chimney is vital. Built-up creosote inside the chimney is a fire hazard. Clean your chimney at least once a month or after using it. Also, consider adding a chimney cap to prevent animal and insects from building nests.

Unclog those gutters

Cleaning gutters is a hassle and is one of those tasks on your to-do list that never gets done. Months will pass and only when autumn hits do most people decide that it’s time to clean. Clear your gutters at least three times a year (during autumn and spring). While this job may be dull, gutters can bring on a variety of problems. It attracts mosquitoes and can lead to stagnating water, causing further water damage.

Roof maintenance

While you’re busy with the gutter, take the time to inspect your roof for worn-out seals. Damaged seals could lead to leaky roofs and we don’t have to tell you about the extensive damage a roof leak can cause. For roof repairs, contact your local contractors. This way, you can ensure the roof repair is to a high and professional standard.

Get rid of exposed water pipes

This is a tip that extends to any season. Wrap exposed pipe with weather-resistant, insulated material. Exposed plumbing can lead to a pipe burst.

Inspect your heating system

Your heating system will be popular during the cold months. Make sure the system is working well before winter hits by cleaning it regularly. Change the air filters because a damaged heating system blowing out cold air during winter is never fun.

This winter, focus on keeping warm and comfortable. This checklist will help guide you around your home and office. Remember an early start is best, as you are able to detect issues and resolve them as soon as possible.

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