Bicycle Racks, Change Rooms and Locker Facilities

With more and more people cycling or running to work, companies are being encouraged to cater to those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Let’s face it, it’s no fun to sit next to a colleague who has cycled or runs to work and is unable to shower or even change clothes comfortably. That’s why so many Perth companies are installing end-of-trip-facilities. This shows a commitment to their employees and to a healthier lifestyle. CT Building Maintenance is an expert at building these facilities, contact us for a quote.

Bicycle storage in the office

Bicycles are becoming the transport mode of choice for many, which can become a problem for the office in terms of sweaty cyclists and bicycles dotted around the office, taking up space and getting in the way. A simple method is to install bicycle racks, allowing your employees to hang their bikes on the wall and out of the way. It looks cool and impresses visitors to your office when they realize what a fit and healthy bunch you are. Of course, if you have space, you could dedicate a section of your premises to include secure bike racks.

Change rooms

So your bicycle parking is taken care of, what about those clammy runners and cyclists? While exercise is a great way to start the day, it can be counterproductive if the cyclists or runners can’t shower. Installing a shower and change room for your employees allows them to start the day invigorated and shows them that you care. It is also kinder to those who don’t exercise and now don’t have to suffer their sweaty colleagues throughout the day.


While you may trust your colleagues, offices are busy places with people coming and going all the time. By providing secure locker facilities, you ensure that your office is less cluttered, is a more pleasant place to work, and that your employees can lock up their gear safely.

Additional onsite facility services

There is no limit to what you can install to make life more comfortable for your employees. Happy employees are productive employees, and healthy and fit employees are more often than not content and more productive than those that don’t exercise.

As runners do not require much more than showers and change rooms, you could add in additional facilities for the cyclists like bike pumps and bike repair stands. Some companies have even installed rooms with specialized drying machines, which can dry sweaty clothes in seconds.

Building facilities

Many building owners and managers are considering putting in end-of-trip facilities for the entire building, instead of each office. This not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but is a great opportunity for employees from different companies in the same building to integrate, network and socialize.

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