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Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is exciting. The visions of what it’s going to look like afterward, the different décor you’re going to buy to complement your interior architecture, the list goes on. It’s easy enough to visualize the end product, but achieving the fairy tale that’s in your head requires a degree of planning and consideration before you run off to the draughtsman.

By overlooking a few factors, your dream kitchen could turn out to be a nightmare. Avoid the heartache and crushed dreams by taking a few things into consideration beforehand.

Decide what you want to achieve

What exactly do you want to get out of the space? Are you doing it for style, or only functionality? Perhaps you want to make better use out of the kitchen, or maybe you have everything you require but you just want it to look good. You may not realise the importance of establishing your main objective, but by setting a clear goal of why you want to integrate your kitchen into the dining area, or extend the room and include an island in the space, will give you peace of mind about what the end result will be.

Look for inspiration

If you’re into the trendy things in life, that’s great, however, trends are evolving faster than you can whip up a salad. Unless you plan on considering remodeling your kitchen every time you make a salad, we would suggest you draw inspiration from the timeless classics. There’s nothing quite like spending time in a kitchen that has retained its style and elegance, many years down the line.

Design around functionality

The kitchen is largely a functional space. This doesn’t mean to say you should leave out the style, it just means that you need to remember that the renovation concept should ideally revolve around your appliances. Research the sizes and styles of dishwashers, sinks, microwaves and ovens as these all play a vital role in everything seamlessly fitting together.

The finer details

While you’re so invested in the bigger picture, don’t forget the finer details. It’s the little things that add beauty and personality to a space. Think about the types of taps, hinges, edging detail and style of sink you would like. These simple additions inject character and finesse into a concept, finishing it off by creating that polished look. The little touches go a long way.

Visualise it all

Create a mood board from décor magazines and from digital sources such as Pinterest. Go over the board each day and decide if certain pieces still hold appeal for you, or if they’ve lost their lustre. The idea is to refine the board until you are happy with the final result. When you know there are no materials, décor or building additions that you would like to remove or add, then you know you’re almost there. Sit with the final result for a few weeks, come back to it, and if it still appeals to you then you’ve made the right choices.

Half the fun lies in the planning and visualising. So, take the time and walk through the kitchen of your dreams in your head and get everything on a mood board, before you end up living every day in a nightmare, with no way to change it for a few years. Once you’re done with the planning, talk to the professionals about the actual renovations. As tempted as you are to dive right in and take a hammer to the wall, you really won’t be doing yourself any favours. Create your ideal space with vision, planning and patience, and before you know it, you’re the envy of your friends, and the owner of the dreamiest kitchen in town.

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